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This entry is pretty open ended... Even though we try to stay on top of technology and trends, we don't always have the edge on what is coming in the real estate market. We largely look to our community of agents to let us know what they are needing to stay competitive. Like we've said a hundred times, it's tough for us to be successful if we don't make the agents we're shooting for sell more homes. So it's our goal to adopt whatever trend/ technique/ technology is going to give you the edge when selling your property. 

Next week we will be receiving our Glidecam X-10 vest which will drastically improve our video walkthrough stability and about 3 months ago we purchased a Sony A7S II so that we can shoot even higher resolution and in low light conditions. 

What kind of trends are you seeing? Not just on the equipment side, but the style side as well. We would love to hear what we can be doing to help us both be more successful.