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Meet Justin and Cory

You clicked on this page to learn about us. Many “about” pages contain long explanations about philosophies, opinions and feelings on the field of photography. Trust us, we could do this as well, but we wanted to do something different. The “about us” page should be well… about us. Besides our work, we take great pride in the connection we have with our clients. With that said, here are a few tidbits about us and the things that we love.

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Craft Beer

Craft beer, and maybe the fondness of all great beverages, has been something that we’ve bonded over since day 1. The attention to detail, the flavor, and variety are all qualities that we appreciate, and try to incorporate into our work as photographers. Apparently, our client’s know us a little too well, as Amanda and Joe bought us a variety of bottles last year as a thank you gift.

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Movies and Video Games

We are kinda movie and video game nerds. Ok, not kinda, we are. Most morning conversations start one of two ways: “So last night I watched…” or “That was fun gaming last night…”. Movies are not only entertaining but can be inspirational, especially when it comes to our video work. Video games are just fun, what can we say. Both of us grew up playing them and its never gone away. Not to mention the team building exercise we get from blowing up digital aliens.

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Family is super important to the both of us, and although the majority of the day, our cameras are focused on the Bride and Groom, they serve as a reminder to capture the wedding day in it’s entirety. Our goal when you look back on your images is to relive your day in the most vivid, detailed way possible, family and all.

Take a moment to sit down with us for a chat if you think we might be a good fit for you.

There is only so much that we can convey through a web page, and we would love the opportunity to get to know both you and your fiancé.