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November 10, 2016

No one will dispute that it's super cool to be able to carry thousands of images on your phone. They look great, and fit in your pocket. But it's not without its drawbacks. Every single day, I walk past a canvas in my hallway of my daughter. It makes me feel good. That's the beauty of printing... I didn't have to seek it out, it's just there. We will be offering wood prints this holiday season to encourage you too, to get some of those beautiful images of your phone or computer, and up on your beautiful walls. Each print has it's own character with unique grain, knots, and texture. On a budget? Hang that puppy directly on your wall just like you would a canvas. Looking for something snazzier? Dress it up with a frame which can be done in house by my brother and Life in Letters Gallery. Except for the over achievers out there, we all struggle with finding unique gifts for the people we love. I think these are pretty darn neat, and will beat any commemorative mug you can find at JC Penny. Try thinking outside the box. Do you have an old shot of the family? A nice shot from your last vacation. An image of your favorite sports team. Even a quote. They would all look cooler printed on wood :) Prices: 8x10 - $30 11x14 - $50 16x20 - $90 18x24 - $110 20x30 - $140 24x36 - $190 30x40 - $300

Dayton wedding photographer 4107

Each print has unique texture and grain. The 3/4 birch plywood makes for a stout print that stands out from the wall.

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Dayton wedding photographer 4109

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