Photography Gallery

Brick and Mortar

February 6, 2016

This is our studio, it is old and has a lot of history. Ever since we moved into this space, lots of fellow Bellbrook folks have told us what it used to be. A general store, gas station, ice cream pallor, pizza place, donut shop; you name it. Now it is ours and frankly we love it. Sure we get cold in the winter and dust from the old bricks gets on our desks but we wouldn't want it any other way. Not only can we use the upstairs for a photo studio but also a place to make the occasional grilled cheese and make a cup of coffee. The phrase "I really don't want to go into that building today..." rarely if ever comes into mind (maybe on those negative degree days). So if you see us here drop in and say "Hi".

Dayton wedding photographer 3376

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Dayton wedding photographer 3375

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