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February 4, 2016

One day Michelle and Josh just walked into our studio. Living in Bellbrook they where curious about us. After only a few minutes we seemed to become friends. They booked us for their wedding in 2014. 2014 you ask? That was awhile ago, why are you posting this now? We talk a lot about building a relationship with our clients; here is a perfect example of what we are talking about. A little over a year later M+J came back with a special announcement, they are expecting. So from engagement photos, wedding and now baby on the way we have been happy to capture the moments. P.S. Yes those are the same chairs in a photo's. It's kinda their thing, they plan on growing old together along with the chairs.

2016 02 04 0002

2016 02 04 0005

2016 02 04 0006

2016 02 04 0004